Hi, We are Snack:30

We are a health conscious company based in Lafayette, Louisiana that is taking a revolutionary approach to traditional vending machines. We bring high-quality, natural snacks and beverages to your employees and guests. These healthy products are not sitting in a typical eye-sore vending machine. Instead our products are displayed in an attrative case with the best technology running in the background.

Learn why you should do business with us

Why choose Snack:30 for your vending needs?

Besides being a local company in the heart of Lafayette, Louisiana, here are 3 other reasons:

No Cost.

Offer healthy options to your employees and guests at no cost to you. Snack:30 provides an attractive vending machine, superior products, and professional service to your location at no cost and no long term contracts.

Healthy & Tasty

At Snack:30 we have available over 1000+ healthy and tasty products from local and national companies. Each product line undergoes extensive research to make sure we offer the highest quality product availalble. Each product line also undergoes numerous taste tests. (P.S. This is our favorite part of our job!)

Easy Communication

Our ease of communication is just one more benefit you will receive when choosing Snack:30. We understand the importance of great communication which is why we are available by phone, email, text, and facebook whenever you feel the need to reach us.

It's our time to help change vending.

In the past vending machines only offered low quality products because these products have very high profit margins and long lasting shelf life. At Snack:30 we are breaking the traditional vending model because we believe a happy, healthy lifestyle is more important than a greasy bag of chips. We pledge to bring fresh high-quality products even if it means making more frequent trips to your location. We have a passion. That passion is wholesome snacks. And the time for wholesome snacks is now.

Ready to offer healthy vending at your location.

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